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To the Shepherd You Are...
Full of Praise to God for You
A perfect birthday
Under the Weather
This is the day the Lord has made
A colossally awesome gift
The shepherd created you extra special
Your friendship lifts me up
Really Woolly Thank you
Prayer is still the ultimate plan
Thank you for your hospitality
God thinks about you
Celebrating His Resurrection!
Gift For Jesus (Really Woolly Kids)
Good Tidings (Really Woolly Kids)
Jesus' Birthday (Really Woolly Kids)
A little pick-me-up
It's your day
Bless your socks off
Heavenly blessings
High time to celebrate
You are a blessing
Master planned design
You've kept me from unraveling
Really big “thanks”
The Shepherd's love
The perfect site
Your unique gift
Things unraveling
Welcome to our hearts!
We're all behind you
Hangin' around with you
Hang in there
In Jesus' hands
He is risen
Never alone
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