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Loved More than She Knew
He Cares About Every Detail
Full of Praise to God for You
With Every Breath...
Strength - He will carry you through
His plans are good
Hope is a seed
10 things God wants you to remember
Asking God to meet your needs
His purpose is at work within you
Trusting God with you
Prayer is still the ultimate plan
He cares about every detail of your life
Asking God to smooth your path
All things are possible with God
The power of His love
We'll just take it to Jesus in prayer
You've got what it takes to get better
I feel bad 'cuz you feel awful
I'm with you in prayer
Sending up a prayer
Encouragement for cancer battle
From one daughter of the King to another
The healing touch of Jesus
You're on my heart
God will see you through
Here's Rooting for You!
The Sun Above The Clouds
No limits on His love (Courageous)
Just checking on you...
Through the rain with you
Sending love your way!
Truth for a tough time
My peace I give you
His promises
A little sunshine
A day just for you
Lovely thoughts
Always in the Lord's care
In thought and prayer
God's care
In my prayers today
As waves on the sea
Mountain Mover
In times like these...
Bless your socks off
His hands
I promise to pray
We pray, God answers
Faith, hope, and loving care
Garden blessing
A great day
The Lord is with you
Rest in His promises
Bee encouraged!
A brighter world
In His hands
He sends His love
Extra-strength knee pads
Full of sunshine
He's there for us
The Lord is with you
The Great Physician
On my heart
Beauty of Prayer
In my prayers
May you be filled with peace
He will answer
As you recover
Blessings to you today
As you recover
Seeking direction
I'm here for you
Praying for you
Big blessings
Blessing on America
His love surrounds you
Praying for you
Love and prayers
He is in control
Blessing of God's Presence
Your loved one in the military
Seeking direction
Praying men
Wartime testimonies of prayer
Mountain Mover
Pray for our troops
Witness Card
His plans – A prayer for America
If my people pray
For a special pastor
His salvation is near
Stand firm
Prayer for Leaders
Wisdom for leading
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