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All God Created You to Be
The Ministry of Christ in You
God is using you for His special purpose
Your service blesses us all
God is using you (youth pastor)
For a special pastor
A reflection of God's kindness and care
Lives you touch
In the quiet
The peace of Jesus
He flows through you
God is using you
Far from home
God's man
Minister appreciation
Children's Minister
You are the Lord's
All you do
For Pastor and his wife
With gratitude
Blessings for pastor
Your music ministry is a blessing
Pastor & wife
Shine as the sun
Woman of God
Just like golf
Investing your life
Church worker thanks
Your music ministry
Sunday school teacher
Sunday school thanks
You do it well!
Woman of character
You do it well!
Your music ministry
Heart for others
The Lord is...
Minister and wife
Making a difference
Youth ministry appreciation
Praying wife
He is your shepherd
Praying pastor
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