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The New Year
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God Bless You in the New Year
God's Love Shines Bright
Love, peace and joy in the New Year
Remembering You (Marjolein Bastin Art)
Wishing you a joyous New Year
Joy, Peace and Love
A Peaceful Christmas and New Year
Praying your new year is blessed
May His blessings overflow
The Giver of Hope
As I think of you
A new year's prayer
Abundant blessings
Many blessings
Happy Moments
New joys
Great times together
Joy is in the air!
Warm hearts
New year, new hopes
Good things
Looking ahead with hope
New Year's Prayer
Our peace, our guide
Happy New Year
A gift to me
Unity, Love, and Faith
Each day is new
The light that shines
May the Lord bless you
Frugal Resolution
New Year's prayer
Pray for America
In with the new
...and a happy new year