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Recordable Storybooks
Recordable Storybooks

Upcoming Titles

I Love You Head To Toe

I Love You Head To Toe

Adorable illustrations and cute rhymes that are perfect for sharing your love with a little loved one!

Excerpt: "'re special, cause God says it's true! And always...ALWAYS...I love YOU!"

God's Christmas Promise

Godís Christmas Promise

The story begins: "God told His people long ago that He would send a Savior."

You and your family will treasure this praise-filled, child-friendly retelling of the Christmas story!

All Day Long With Jesus

All Day Long With Jesus

Help little ones understand that Jesus is ALWAYS with us, every day, all day long!

Delightful illustrations and simple reminders of His love encourage little ones in their growing faith.

More Info

Recordable Storybooks from DaySpring feature exclusive voice-capture technology that enables a person to record each page of a book and have it played back over and over as the recipient turns the pages. The recording will not be lost, even when the batteries need to be replaced.

The original books were designed for an adult to read to a child. Subsequent titles also are perfect for adults and children to record together or for children to record for a grandparent.

Recordable Storybooks are available at Christian retail stores nationwide. Use the store locator on to find your nearest Christian retail store.


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Your Stories

"These books are a wonderful way to keep in touch. And also, when we are gone, our granddaughter will always have our voices reading to her..."

- Judy T.

"Because of the distance, our daughter does not see our parents very often. So when she heard their voices reading her a story, she could hardly sit still, she was so excited. We had tears..."

- Dianne and Kevin C.

"This book has already been a blessing to our family...It is something that will let them have their grandmother with them at all times."

- Heather

  • A gift for a mother who cannot be with her child every night due to work or travelling.
  • A gift for parents who long to instill the power of prayer in their children, even if they canít be there every night to tuck them in.
  • A gift for friends who may have a child who needs help reading and understanding words.
  • A gift for a grandmother who may simply want to leave her love -- in the form of her voice -- to her grandchild.
  • Parents stationed overseas in the military have recorded books for their children waiting for them at home.
  • Grandparents and other family members who live far away have recorded these storybooks for the children they love.
  • Family members took turns recording each page of a book for a loved one in a hospital.
  • Adoptive parents have recorded a storybook for the child they were waiting to adopt.
  • An entire family recorded a storybook for another family member, who lived overseas and couldnít be with them for Christmas.
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