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In a Thousand Ways
Full of Praise to God for You
Some people make the world a better place
God is using you for His special purpose
His goodness flows through you
The Lord's goodness - Max Lucado
Really Woolly Thank you
Your service blesses us all
Wow! You made my day!
Gracias (thank you)
Thoughtful you. Thankful me.
Merci! How thoughtful!
You deserve a bouquet of thanks
My heart thanks you
You rock the red carpet of encouragement
I could never repay your kindness
Thank you for your hospitality
Kind and compassionate
Blessed are the givers
What a blessing you are.
The things you've done
You're such a blessing!
A little note of thanks
You shine
Appreciating you
You make God smile
Thank you! Thank you!
God bless you!
Thanks for your help
Just right
Much Thanks
A garden thank you
Lives you touch
Grateful blessings
My heart thanks you
Many thanks for many things
Thanking the Lord for you
In the quiet
Your thoughtfulness
I've wanted to say "thank you"
Investing your life
Pouring out a blessing
You've blessed my life
Too seldom said
You've kept me from unraveling
He flows through you
Really big “thanks”
Little reminders of His care
His goodness through you
Thanks a heap!
Minister appreciation
Your unique gift
Children's Minister
You are appreciated!
All you do
In everything
Your time and work
Your valued work
Thank you
Making a Difference
He will not forget
You really do make a difference
You share His riches
Thanks for the assist
Your work is noticed
Giving thanks
Working with you
Hospitality thanks
Labors of love
His heart shows
Beautiful ways
You've blessed my life
Goodness flows through you
God delights in you
Little things you do
Giving thanks...
Church worker thanks
Thanks Editor
Sunday school thanks
Thanks for cheering me up
His good work in you
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