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Simply By Being You
How God Thinks of You
To the Shepherd You Are...
We Have Shared Together
Loved More than She Knew
So Blessed by Your Friendship
He Cares About Every Detail
In a Thousand Ways
Full of Praise to God for You
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Simple Delights & Unexpected Joys
Big Yellow Umbrella (mobile-friendly video)
Fall Friends (mobile-friendly video)
Your friendship lifts me up
I'll Always Be Hair for You
You have a very special place in my heart
Your heart is beautiful
Fall friends
Every time I think of you I thank God
You're strong, brave and beautiful
Chocolate is a divine gift
You rock the red carpet of encouragement
Smoosh you with hugs
Bathrooms on the Ark
You're on my heart
Laughter goes with grace
A true friend is always loyal
How our friendship came to be
She's so sweet
Some things are more fun together
God thinks about you
Hope dances in the puddles
Beautiful inside and out
Birds chatting online
We're Friends (Fireproof)
Good and True (Fireproof)
Curl in my tail
Brought To Mind
Amistad (friendship)
Thinking of you today
Sending love your way!
Bumper stickers
Friend of my heart
How special you are
Lovely thoughts
A joyful hello
Thankful for you
Appreciating you
Bond of fellowship
Warm Fuzzies
No one else like you
Blessed be Your name
How ya been?
Endless friendship
On my heart
Pugs and fishes
The Lord pictured us as friends
A blessing and a gift
Buzzing by to say...
May God bless your day
Glad the Lord connected us.
You are a blessing
Strange friends
You've got mail
Our friendship
He sends His love
Friends in Christ
God's love in our hearts
If I had a penny...
Bee Encouraged!
What's “hop”pening?
Just saying Hay!
You're a delight
What dogs do
Precious friends
A friend like you
A little “Hi”
Cownting blessings
The happiness you've given
What a friend
Our friendship is like...
You're really nice...
The good stuff
Excuse to write
Good vibes
Spot of sunshine
Little check-up
God holds you
You are a gift
A big hello
Co-worker friendship
Up before dawn
You're the best
What friends
We can share anything
Strange friends
A similar love for chocolate
Good for me
Adventures in friendship
Delight in you
Beautiful ways
A sweet friendship
My troubles disappear
Sweet friend!
You're a blessing
Giving thanks...
You're like a sister
Friends like you
My little corner
Friendship stitched over time
A thankful heart
Dropping you a line
The joys of friendship
Good friends
Thankful for our friendship
Count your blessings
Picture of His love
My true friend
Wanna do lunch?
I leap for joy
You're Tops
Blessed friendship
Normal friends?
On the team
One of God's sweetest blessings
Your dear friendship
A friend in you
Single friends
Witness card
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