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You Make the World a Better Place
We Are the Lord's Planting
Enjoy Being Celebrated!
A Friend Like You
You Light Up Your World
Eat More Cake
Another year filled with the goodness of God
A perfect birthday
This is the day the Lord has made
It's time to celebrate you!
Celebrate - God created you
A colossally awesome gift
May there be no limit to your fun!
You were created by an awesome God
Birthday blessings to wonderful you
We'll always be major babes
Relax and have a great birthday
The shepherd created you extra special
Party 'til the cows come home
You make a difference just by being you
Just wanted to brighten your day
You don't look any older
You were knitted together - Max Lucado
The blessing of a perfect day
Birthday quiz
You are simply sensational
Your life is a beautiful tapestry
This wonderful life God created
HOPE, JOY & PEACE on your birthday
Life is a gift from God
Always in my heart
God put a little light into this world
The reasons I thank God for you
Feliz cumpleaños (happy birthday)
The Lord bless, keep and shine upon you
This birthday card is late!
Just for sweet beautiful you!
God created you for a unique purpose
Milk your birthday for all it's worth
First to say happy birthday?
Bless the birthday girl
Happy glad you were born day!
Tweet birthday blessings
May your cake be chocolate
A great big stack of blessings
Relax and enjoy every minute
You are one of God's great ideas
Happy, happy birthday
Just think, His hand formed you
Growing older means...
Doggone - missed your birthday
God made you sweet and sassy
God made you beautiful
A time of happiness and joy
A new spin on things
When God made you...
18 million birthdays today
Much good humor
Birthday blast (Precious Moments)
Sprinkles of joy (Precious Moments)
One of the best friends
Have a Blast!
You are a rich man (Courageous)
He delights in you
Celebrating you
By His choosing
Only one you
Unexpected blessings
Knock, Knock
The day to rejoice
True Blessings
Remember one thing
Aging and maturing
Major Babes
Be Happy
The simplest joys
Delayed surprise
It's just a number
All His blessings
Live life
In the beginning
Timely blessings
Balloon animal lessons
You're Special
One of those people
So excited
Happy birthday to thee
Happy and joyful
Cures for the birthday blues
Still look great!
Good for you!
It's your day
Birthday parade
A little behind
Make you glad
New discoveries
Showers of blessing
Something important
Birthday game
Birthday Princess
A happy little birthday
Times of refreshing
Good and bad news
So sorry
Former strangers
God's handiwork
Birthdays come and go
Friend like you
Celebrating with you
Special joys
Automated greetings
Aging with grace
Beary happy birthday
My excuse
A nice birthday
You're a gift
One in 16 million!
The One
More for you
Your special day
A better place
Year of success
Blessings from above
Productive birthday
Name specific
A year of blessings
Happiest Birthday
So full of sunshine
Happy day!
A little something
Cool Birthday
Those birthdays
Blessings of the Lord
Master planned design
His incredible love
Purpose to know Him
Celebrating you
Staying Alive!
Just no fun
His best
Enjoy the Day
A Helpful Birthday Hint...
So what
From a cheapskate!
High-flying gift
Birthday treasures
Friendship is a gift
Celebration of goodness
Sparkle, shine, glow
Simple question
Enjoy the Day
Birthdays and dentists
A blessing to know
People like you
Worry later
Enjoy the Day
Working on your birthday
Sweet blessings
Bunches of blessings
Seeds of love
Have A Wonderful Birthday
Have a blast!
Happy birthday—ribet!
Special day!
Celebrating You!
Twinkle twinkle
God's Love For You
Enjoy the Day
Hay-py  Birthday!
One of a kind
Treasure today
Classic Dad
Never out of style
Birthday encouragement
Done to perfection
Older, Wiser
A birthday blessing
Blessing On Your Big Day
His plans for you
Your birthday
Happiest of birthdays!
Appreciating You
Quality made
Delightful friend
I love you
Great things
Making a difference
Co-worker birthday
More like Him
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