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Special to God and to Me
God is Love
Toothfully Awethome Valentine
This is How We Know What Love Is
God Thinks You're Special
May God Bless Your Valentine's Day
I Thank God for the Joy of Loving You
The First Valentine Message
You're Loved
So Grateful for Our Friendship
Friends are God's Way of Giving Us Hugs
We Belong to Each Other
Your Friendship is a Gift in My Life
My Happy Heart Thanks God for You
Sprinkles of Love (Precious Moments)
No One Else (Fireproof)
Baking Up Some Blessings
We're Friends (Fireproof)
I Love You (Fireproof)
Good and True (Fireproof)
John 3:16
Live, Laugh, Love
The Greatest of These
Pugs and Fishes
Chocolate is in the air
Instant message for you
You are special
Gift of friendship
Box of candy game
A time to celebrate
Heart of a friend
For my daughter
Valentine princess
Close to my heart
God shows His love
Valentine humor
God is Love
A Valentine prayer
Counting stars
The first valentine
For a special girl
For a terrific boy
When I'm with you
Warm Fuzzies
Loving you
A true friend.
A place in my heart
Love and Cherish
Happy Valentine's Mom
Precious Friends
Thankful for you
Express Valentine
Lots of heart
You inspire me
Gift of love
Sweet friend
Nothing more wonderful
A Valentine prayer
Faith, hope, and love.
Side by side
With love to Dad
Your sweet friendship
1 Corinthians 13
You and me
Celebrating you
Veggie Tales: You're super!
Veggie Tales: God made you special!
You're quite a catch
Our lasting love
Basket of hugs
Please check one
Because you're mine!
To a super boy
Valentine whimsy
Our life together
A sweet recipe
Veggie Tales: Thanks for being my friend!
Joy of friendship
Valentine friends
In loving you...
My dream came true
Words and meanings
You're tops!
The one I love
See us together
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